The Gemboree Story


Our life journeys mould and shape us, similar to the formation of a gemstone in nature.  Gemboree is a metaphor for this extravaganza of creative living, engaging in beauty, harmony, balance and energy, from without and within. 

Gemboree’s collection of semi-precious stone accessories has been designed for discerning and stylish women, seeking all that is pure and energizing.  The culmination of a lifestyle choice that highlights authenticity and serenity, Gemboree embodies all that is natural, artful and true.

Our Philosophy

Embracing entrepreneurship within the global e-commerce space through this highly collaborative website is creative director, Janet Pulford’s path towards unifying creativity, harmony and balance. 

The Gemboree team is talented, with each member engaging and living their dreams to create this reality, while reflecting the energy that the gemstones diffuse through their natural form.

Our Accessories

The Gemboree-inspired and designed accessories are light- and energy-infused gemstone pieces.  Their natural qualities enhance art- and soul-filled being.

The crafted semi-precious stones accessories develop a unique sense of style through an awareness of nature and balance. These enchanting cabochon stacking rings, dazzling 9ct gold cabochon-inset drop earrings, bracelets and necklaces are the essence of beauty.

Our Support for Community Upliftment

South Africa has a wealth of passion and its people masterfully dance to the rhythm of nature as they craft the accessory designs to adorn soulful women. 

Community upliftment projects and support for emerging artists and talented craftspeople is a key focus for crystalising new creations at Gemboree.

Our Sustainable Approach

Gemboree is eco-friendly, offering customers the opportunity to live the values that sustain our future through its design aesthetic.

The design and consciousness true to the Gemboree-inspired semi-precious stone accessories are natural and eco-inspired.  The unique energy of the gems forms the essence of these introductory contemporary pieces.

Gemboree’s fresh and enlightened approach to fashion and design is sure to appeal to the wearers of our beautiful and unique accessories, both locally and globally.

Our Technology-Based Business Model

Gemboree forms an integral part of the technology-oriented entrepreneurial ‘ecosystem’, designed to commercialize a business model enabled by technology. 

Our Design Aesthetic

Gemboree aims to meet both customers’ aesthetic needs and their social sensibilities, through its development of a South African boutique of collaborating artists and jewellery designers.

The design aesthetic concept of Gemboree is to provide the opportunity for these artists to build their business bases through collaborative efforts, as well as to promote, support and develop local entrepreneurial activity and industry.

Partnering for Success

Gemboree supports and collaborates with the ‘Lionesses of Africa’ social entrepreneurship initiative, a new online platform supporting and promoting successful and promising women entrepreneurs in Africa.  Lionesses of Africa is officially launching across the African continent in support of the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, which is taking place at the United Nations in the USA on 19th November 2014. 

Contact Gemboree

You can contact us in a variety of ways:

Telephone:   +27 (0)11-728-1305
Mobile Number:   +27 (0)83-459-4619
Fax Number:   +27 (0)11-728-8441
Address:   Postnet Suite 321
Private Bag X1
Melrose Arch
South Africa
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Viewing is by appointment, so please call us to arrange a time and date.

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